3D Face Mask - Green Spotty - Limited Edition

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Our reusable 3D Face mask is designed to sit comfortably on your face, popping out to allow plenty of breathing room for your mouth and nose.

The nose coverage contours to the bridge of the nose, making them perfect for wearing underneath glasses without fogging them.

This mask has three layers, including two 100% cotton outer layers and a non-woven internal layer, for extra protection.

Soft elastic made from jersey fabric has been used for the behind ear attachment. This can be replaced with a longer elastic* that ties behind the head, for extra comfort. *We sell these separately. 

Elastic can be easily removed and replaced with your preferred elastic.


One size fits most.


Key features:

- 3D design offers refined edgier look

- Mask pops out from face, giving more room to breathe

- 3 layers including 100% cotton and non-woven

- Non-woven internal layer provides extra protection

- Comfortable elastic that can be adjusted or easily replaced


This mask is not medical grade.


Face Mask pictured is used as an example only, actual face mask may vary slightly, as these are all handmade items. Colour may vary slightly.