Binder Sizing

The size charts and automated sizing calculator below will help you find a suitable size for your binder.

Important: Please first refer to the Measuring page for instructions on how to take accurate body measurements. Careful and precise measurements will allow our sizing system to find you the best fitting binder size and style possible.


Before consulting the charts to determine a size, you'll need to check the difference between the three measurements to determine which style will best suit you.

If either of the following are true, refer only to the Full Chest Racerback chart.

a) The Upper Chest measurement is smaller than the Full Chest by 3" or more, or
b) The Full Chest measurement is larger than the Under Chest by 6" or more

Our Full Chest Racerback binder has been designed to fit best on people with chest sizes from D-H. We have fitted up to a size J in this binder, however if you are larger than a size H you may not fall perfectly into a size on our charts so we suggest choosing a size that matches your Full Chest measurement in this case.

If your Upper Chest measurement is the same or larger than your Full Chest measurement, we recommend choosing the size that correlates with the Upper Chest Measurement.

You might need a size larger than matches your Full Chest measurement. This is common for people who are athletic or who have been on testosterone for a while, as muscle growth affects chest size and shape.

Some people might fit well into both our binders. If your measurements match with both styles, choose the one that you feel will best suit your needs. Are you larger in the chest and like things held in place well? The Full Chest Binder might be best.

Sizing Calculator

For convenience, a sizing calculator is also available below. Enter your three measurements and it will try to find a suitable size. It can then recommend products if a match is found. If all your measurements do not fit neatly into one size, it will highlight where on the charts each one fits.

We ask that you also manually check the charts using the instructions above before purchasing any products it recommends. The calculator should give the same results, but it may occasionally make mistakes. Please inform us if this does happen. (See disclaimer for more details.)

Disclaimer: We are very proud to have developed this sizing system that is a first of it’s kind. Our Sizing Calculator is designed to assist you in choosing the correct size binder based on your measurements, and to help you easily find the matching product.

While we have made our best efforts to smooth out any lumps and bumps, there may be the occasional error. Like with any new system and new way of doing things, it can take a bit of trial and error to get things to a stage where it runs completely seamless.

We ask that you be understanding and patient with us if you come across an error, and please let us know so that we can work to fix it immediately.

Please check your recommended size against the measuring charts below, to be sure that you select the correct size for your measurements.


Reversible Racerback Sizing Chart

Size Upper Chest Full Chest Under Chest

Full Chest Reversible Racerback Sizing Chart

Size Upper Chest Full Chest Under Chest