Frequently Asked Questions


Brand Values and Ethics

How sustainable is your brand?

Great question! We care deeply about the environment and want to have as little impact on it as possible. Being a sustainable brand is high in our values. So, we take whatever measures we can to reduce our environmental footprint.

We have dedicated ourselves to sourcing the most sustainable materials for all our products and packaging as we possibly can. Our fabric is sourced from reputable suppliers, so we can be confident that we know where it's come from and how it has been produced.

All our binders are made with high-quality, eco-friendly, 100% recycled Nylon Lycra, sourced from a supplier participating in the Healthy Seas initiative - 'A journey from Waste to Wear' - repurposing discarded fishnets for healthier seas.

Packaging too? Yup! Even our packaging is sustainable. We are proud to have joined the league of Heroes! All our HEROPACK mailers are made of 100% compostable materials. Meaning you can put them in your home compost bin or worm farm, and they will begin breaking down naturally within as little as six weeks. In comparison, the average plastic mailer will take 400 years to break down and emits harmful greenhouse gasses in the process. 

Do you use OEKO-Tex certified fabric?

We sure do! We care about your health, so we only source fabrics that are safe to have close to your body. The fabric of all our binders are OEKO-Tex certified, so you can be sure that they are safe to wear on your body, with no harmful chemicals or substances that could leach into your skin.

What does this mean? Oeko-Tex certification is an internationally regarded certification that regulates the manufacturing processes of textiles. It ensures that no harmful chemicals are involved in producing and treating the fabrics. Products with an Oeko-Tex certification are free from over 100 chemicals and substances that are harmful to human health.  

Are your products ethically produced?

Yes, they most definitely are! We take great pride in this, as we believe in being at the vanguard of environmental and social consciousness.

We have taken measures to ensure that we only partner with manufacturers that guarantee workers' rights are protected, that they receive the correct award rates and entitlements, and that they work in safe conditions.

All our chest binders are ethically made in a small family-owned and run manufacturing facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Our manufacturing partner has voluntarily embraced sustainable, ethical, and social standards and is GRS, SEDEX & GOTS certified.

Why is it no longer made in Australia?

From the beginning, we have had all our chest binders made in Australia, as producing locally has always been our ideal. However, it has become too difficult to continue this with the current infrastructure available in Australia and the rising costs of materials. Almost all sourcing happens offshore in Australia's garment and textile industry, and materials and elastics are nearly all imported. This means that local production costs are significantly higher, and options for local manufacturing are very limited. Our garments are complex and difficult products to sew, so having highly skilled garment workers is integral to producing our garments to the quality we pride ourselves on.

In order to have our garments produced at the highest quality possible and at the lowest cost to you, while also meeting the growing demand for our products, we have had to make a compromise. In saying that, we have not compromised on our ethics and have worked hard to source a reputable and ethical manufacturer offshore. We now make all of our garments ethically in India through a small family-owned and run manufacturing partner in Uttar Prudesh - a region known for its quality apparel and textiles manufacturing.



Do you accept orders placed outside Australia?

We sure do! Helping those who need access to safe and comfortable binders is super important to us, so we ship to as many places as we can!

All the countries we ship to are listed on our shipping page 

What is your return policy?

We want to ensure that everyone gets a product from us that fits well and functions as it should, so we most definitely accept returns.

See our Returns Policy  

Do you take pre-orders?

We sure do! Occasionally we will offer binders as pre-orders, which we will limit the quantity of so that we can get binders out to you as soon as possible.



How long will it take to get my order?

We work tirelessly to ensure that your parcels are posted as soon as possible, usually within 3 business days of receiving your order. However, occasionally there could be a longer wait, due to stock shortages or for limited edition items and pre-orders.

Orders are packed and sent from available stock. We will contact you if there are delays due to sizing, stock shortage, or limited edition.

Domestic (Australian) shipping turnaround is estimated to be between 3 to 9 business days depending on your location, peak periods and public holidays. Please bear in mind that there may be delays in shipping times due to COVID, extreme weather conditions, and other issues outside of our control.

What about pre-orders?

Pre-orders will be shipped when we have finished making them and they have been quality checked. The wait time can vary depending on when you ordered.

We aim to have pre-orders shipped within 6 - 8 weeks or sooner where possible. However, occasionally there may be delays for reasons outside of our control, such as COVID lockdowns, fabric shortages, etc.

If there are any significant delays, we will be in touch to keep you informed.

What about international shipping?

International Shipping turnaround is estimated to be between 10 to 28 business days, depending on your location, peak periods, and public holidays. Please bear in mind that there may be delays in shipping times due to COVID, extreme weather, or other issues outside of our control.

For more information, please see our Shipping page.

Will the package be discreet?

They sure will be! We use environmentally sustainable 100% compostable packaging for our parcels, from our pals at Hero Packaging. These have only HEROPACK branding on the outside. We do not put any of our own branding on the packaging, and there is no mention of chest binders or our brand name on the shipping labels.


Chest Binding 

Is chest binding safe?

There is always some level of risk with wearing any garment that compresses the body. However, chest binding, if done correctly with a properly fitted binder and following recommendations, is safe for most people.

The first thing to be mindful of when binding is how to do it safely. We do not recommend ever using Ace bandages or duct tape - these are definitely not meant for binding and can cause serious harm to your body. By using these techniques to bind your chest, you could restrict your breathing, cause fluid build-up in your lungs or even break a rib!

It might feel tempting to also place two binders on at a time. However, this can also cause harm to your body and cause you to overheat, and it is not likely to give a flatter appearance.

We only ever recommend wearing a binder in your correct size. Do not try and squeeze into a binder that is too small, or place bandages or duct tape on top of or underneath your binder. For more information on how to choose the correct size binder, check out our sizing information.

All bodies are different, and chest binding is not safe or advisable for everyone. We always suggest checking in with your doctor if you are concerned, to ensure binding is a safe option for you.

How long can I wear my binder?

We do not recommend wearing a binder for more than 8 - 12 hours. We know it can be tempting to never take it off, but your body needs to be able to breathe and have a break from binding. Even the most comfortable binder needs to come off sometimes.

All bodies are different, so listening to your body is important. If you are feeling pain or discomfort, take your binder off and give your body a break. Chest binding should never be painful. If you are experiencing pain, your binder may be too small, or you may have been wearing it for too long.

If you're on testosterone, you might find you are sweating more than usual, so you may need to take off your binder and give it a good wash more frequently. It's always best to have more than one binder so that one can be washed while the other is being worn.

Is it safe to exercise in a binder?

Unfortunately, there is no hard yes or hard no to this question. All bodies are different, so it's always important to listen to and understand your body and consider your unique health situation when binding your chest.

Our binders are designed to be as comfortable as possible, which means they aren't as restrictive as some binders you might find. This means they may be safer and more comfortable to wear while exercising than some other binders. However, not everyone is able to safely bind their chest while exercising. For some people, it is unsafe, no matter what binder they wear.

We strongly recommend that you speak to a health professional, such as your doctor or treating specialist, to help you decide whether wearing a binder while exercising is safe for you.

Can Amor Binders be worn swimming?

They can be worn swimming, and our binders are all made with chlorine-resistant Lycra. However, they are not designed specifically as swimwear.

You might need a buddy with you if you wear your binder swimming, as getting a damp or wet binder off can sometimes be tricky.

We will be releasing binders at a later date that are designed specifically for swimming in, with front-opening zippers for ease of getting them on and off.

How do I put on and take off my chest binder?

This is usually a personal preference, and we recommend trying different approaches to find what works best for you. Sometimes it is easiest to put one arm and shoulder in first and then pull it over your head. Then you can reach your other arm in and roll it down over your body.

You may find you will need to rearrange your chest once you have the binder on to get the best fit and flattening effect.

It's best not to push your chest tissue upwards, to the sides, or with nipples pointing down, as this can affect fit, cause discomfort, and potentially cause your skin to stretch.

To get the binder off, sometimes it is easiest to roll the bottom up a little and then grab it with either one or two hands and pull it over your head. We do not recommend grabbing your binder from the back and pulling it over your head. This can damage the fabric, causing it to stretch and possibly tear over time.

We will be including a video guide on our website very soon to help guide you in putting on and taking off our binders. 

Can chest binding affect top surgery?

Chest binding safely by following recommendations and wearing a correctly fitted chest binder should not impact your ability to have top surgery or affect your surgery results.

Some people find that binding can alter their skin's natural elasticity, which may cause some minor cosmetic changes.

Can I sleep in my binder?

We understand that dysphoria doesn't just go away when we go to bed. However, we do not recommend wearing binders overnight or while sleeping.

It is important that your body is not restricted in any way while you sleep. None of our chest binders currently available are designed for wearing while sleeping.

How do I know what size and style binder will fit best for my body?

We acknowledge that not all binders fit well on all bodies, which is why we have several designs to choose from! Amor Binders have been designed to fit well on a diverse range of body shapes and sizes.

To assist you in choosing a suitable binder for your body, we have developed a size calculator to recommend a style and size based on the measurements you provide. Please follow our measuring guide and double-check all your measurements to ensure you take them accurately.

How do I take my measurements?

If possible, have someone help take your measurements for you. Use a tape measure and measure all the way around your torso in four places: your upper chest, full chest, under chest, and your waist.

More detailed instructions, including diagrams, can be found on our Measuring page.


Our Binders

What sensory issues do your sensory-friendly binders help alleviate?

Offering comfortable binders is what Amor Sensory are all about. Therefore all our binders have been designed to be sensory-friendly.

Being autistic and having sensory sensitivities themself, our founder Andy Amor has designed all our binders to eliminate as many things as possible that typically cause discomfort for people with sensory sensitivities. Such as bulky internal seams, scratchy labels, rough fabric, and tight elastic.

This means Amor Binders are more comfortable to wear than most other binders, particularly for autistic people and those who have Sensory Processing Disorder.

 Do Amor Binders fit large chest sizes?

They certainly do! Our range is size-inclusive, with a wide size range of nine sizes in both styles. We have also developed a binder that is designed to fit even better on people with larger chests.

Our Full Chest Reversible Racerback is designed for people with fuller chests who need a little more coverage and the security of knowing the binder will stay in place. This binder is best suited for people with chest sizes from around DD up to around a size J. 

Do you sell skin tone binders?

We have decided not to sell 'skin tone' or 'nude' binders for some really great reasons that we'd love to share. 

Firstly and most importantly, if we can't offer a binder in every skin tone, we don't want to offer them in any. We made this choice because we believe strongly in fairness and equity for everyone and don't like contributing to systemic racism. And let's be honest, nobody has mustard-coloured skin, so we will not pretend they do.

Secondly, we don't offer them because many people associate 'nude' colours with lingerie, which can cause dysphoria for some people if their binder is visible.

And thirdly, we have found that tones of grey that are matched to people's skin tones are just as effective as nude colours underneath light-coloured clothing.


Max, a white non-binary trans person is pictured from the waist up wearing a size S, light grey racerback chest binder, that's not visible, underneath a white sports tank.

[Image: Max, a white non-binary trans person is pictured from the waist up wearing a size S, light grey racerback chest binder, that's not visible, underneath a white sports tank.]

Will you be selling pride binders?

We're so glad you asked! We will be releasing a limited edition range of pride binders, designed by our founder themself! So everyone can celebrate and affirm their true selves with pride.

Why do Amor Binders cost more than some other binder brands?

While we have worked hard to keep our prices accessible, we aren't willing to skimp on quality to sell you a cheaper product. We want to ensure that everyone who wears our binders gets a binder that will be comfortable, safe, and long-lasting. Our focus on comfort, quality, and durability sets us apart from most binder brands.

Our binders are all ethically made by a family-owned and operated manufacturing facility that has voluntarily embraced sustainable, ethical, and social standards. We ensure that everyone in our supply chain are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions. As a result, our binders cost more than if they were mass-produced or cheaply made without sustainable and ethical considerations. Our binders are also made from high-quality, sustainable, and ethically produced fabrics, contributing to our pricing. High-quality fabrics do not come cheap but are worth every penny!

Lastly, we are a small company, and therefore we produce everything in small quantities, which means we can't force factories to lower their prices for us. That does mean you have to pay a bit more, but on the bright side, you can feel good knowing you are supporting fair labour practices and not contributing to an exploitative fashion system when purchasing our binders.

Are your binders worth it?

Of course, we will answer yes to this question because we know our binders are amazing! Aside from the fact that our binders are the most comfortable in existence, Amor Binders are also very high quality and have been made to last. So you will get more wear out of them and more bang for your buck in the long run.

Unlike some other binder brands, our binders won't start wearing out or falling apart after only a few months of wear. We use only the best quality fabrics and have been testing them for several years now, so know they stand the test of time.


Binder Care

How do I care for my binder?

Caring for your binder can increase its longevity. It's important to remember to wash, and air dry your binder regularly. Sweat, oil from your skin, dirt, deodorant, and lotions can all build up and damage the fabric of the binder if it is not washed often.

The good news is our binders are machine washable! So it's easier to keep them clean. We recommend using either a cold or warm (30ºC) gentle cycle and placing your binder in a laundry bag to protect it from damage in the wash. Removing your binder from the machine and laying it out to dry as soon as the wash cycle has finished is best.

For extra longevity, we recommend that you wash your binder regularly, using mild detergent, and always lay your binder flat and in the shade when drying. Do not leave your binder outside in the sun.

Do not place your binder in the dryer, this will cause damage to the elastane in the fabric and could make it stretch and warp over time, meaning it won't fit well or last very long.

Our chest binders are made from a high-quality Lycra that has exceptional stretch and recovery. After a bit of wear, the binder will loosen up, but it will recover to its original size and shape when washed. It is important to wash your binder regularly, for good fit, as well as hygiene.


General Questions

Do you sell gift cards?

That's fantastic that you are looking to get an Amor Binder as a surprise gift! What a lovely thing to do.

 We certainly do offer Gift Cards. You can find them in our product listings!

I have more questions!

Awesome! Feel free to get in touch via support@amorsensory.com and one of our customer support team will get back to you. 

Don't worry if this takes a few days. Being a very small and independently run business means we have a lot of missions to complete each week. However, we will always get back to you <3