Ethics and Values

Brand Values and Ethics


How sustainable is your brand?

Great question! We care deeply about the environment and want to have as little impact on it as possible. Being a sustainable brand is high in our values. So, we take whatever measures we can to reduce our environmental footprint.

We have dedicated ourselves to sourcing the most sustainable materials for all our products and packaging as we possibly can.

We source our fabric from reputable suppliers, so we can be confident that we know where it's come from and how it has been produced.

All our binders are made with high-quality, eco-friendly, 100% recycled Nylon Lycra, sourced from a supplier participating in the Healthy Seas initiative - 'A journey from Waste to Wear' - repurposing discarded fishnets for healthier seas.


 Text: Made with 100% Regenerated Nylon ECONYL (logo)


Packaging too? Yup! Even our packaging is sustainable. We are proud to have joined the league of Heroes! All our HEROPACK mailers are made of 100% compostable materials. Meaning you can put them in your home compost bin or worm farm, and they will begin breaking down naturally within as little as six weeks. In comparison, the average plastic mailer will take 400 years to break down and emits harmful greenhouse gasses in the process.
Text: Your package was sent in a biodegradable, compostable mailer. Image: Black plastic free parcel with white text reading: 100% compostable, zero-waste bag. Text: By choosing us, you are saving our planet, one package at a time


Do you use OEKO-Tex certified fabric?

We sure do! We care about your health, so we only source fabrics that are safe to have close to your body. The fabric of all our binders are OEKO-Tex certified, so you can be sure that they are safe to wear on your body, with no harmful chemicals or substances that could leach into your skin.

What does this mean? Oeko-Tex certification is an internationally regarded certification that regulates the manufacturing processes of textiles. It ensures that no harmful chemicals are involved in producing and treating the fabrics. Products with an Oeko-Tex certification are free from over 100 chemicals and substances that are harmful to human health.

Image: picture of swing take that has text: OEKO-TEX, inspiring confidence, made green. Tested for harmful substances and produced sustainably in accordance with OEKO-TEX guidelines.; Made with materials tested for harmful substances; Made in environmentally friendly facilities; Made in safe and socially responsible workplaces. This purchase is a smart choice. It has been verified as free from harmful levels of more than 300 substances and was produced in factories committed to sustainable environmental and social practices.

Are your products ethically produced?

Yes, they most definitely are! We take great pride in this, as we believe in being at the vanguard of environmental and social consciousness.

We have taken measures to ensure that we only partner with manufacturers that guarantee workers' rights are protected, that they receive the correct award rates and entitlements, and that they work in safe conditions.

All our chest binders are ethically made in a small family-owned and run manufacturing facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Our manufacturing partner has voluntarily embraced sustainable, ethical, and social standards and is GRS, SEDEX & GOTS certified.

Why is it no longer made in Australia?

From the beginning, we have had all our chest binders made in Australia, as producing locally has always been our ideal. However, it has become too difficult to continue this with the current infrastructure available in Australia and the rising costs of materials. Almost all sourcing happens offshore in Australia's garment and textile industry, and materials and elastics are nearly all imported. This means that local production costs are significantly higher, and options for local manufacturing are very limited. Our garments are complex and difficult products to sew, so having highly skilled garment workers is integral to producing our garments to the quality we pride ourselves on.

In order to have our garments produced at the highest quality possible and at the lowest cost to you, while also meeting the growing demand for our products, we have had to make a compromise. In saying that, we have not compromised on our ethics and have worked hard to source a reputable and ethical manufacturer offshore. We now make all of our garments ethically in India through a small family-owned and run manufacturing partner in Uttar Prudesh - a region known for its quality apparel and textiles manufacturing.