Binder Care

How do I care for my binder?

Caring for your binder can increase its longevity. It's important to remember to wash, and air dry your binder regularly. Sweat, oil from your skin, dirt, deodorant, and lotions can all build up and damage the fabric of the binder if it is not washed often.


The good news is our binders are machine washable! So it's easier to keep them clean. We recommend using either a cold or warm (30ºC) gentle cycle and placing your binder in a laundry bag to protect it from damage in the wash. Removing your binder from the machine and laying it out to dry as soon as the wash cycle has finished is best.


For extra longevity, we recommend that you wash your binder regularly, using mild detergent, and always lay your binder flat and in the shade when drying. Do not leave your binder outside in the sun.


Do not place your binder in the dryer. This will cause damage to the fabric and could make it stretch and warp, meaning it won't fit well or last very long.


Our chest binders are made from high-quality Lycra that has exceptional stretch and recovery. After a bit of wear, the binder will loosen up, but it will recover to its original size and shape when washed. So it is important to wash your binder regularly for good fit and hygiene.


*Do not attempt to stretch a binder that is too small by placing it around large objects. It will damage the binder irreparably and will not make it fit better*